Las Vegas

​​​​​KISS Limousines ​
a division of
Adventure Photo Tours, Inc.
3111 S. Valley View, Blvd., Ste X-106
Las Vegas, NV 89102, CPCN 1047

702-385-KISS (5477)

Well, that's a fun story. Donna Tryon, who has been a KISS fan from the the very beginning, became a successful business woman in the marine manufacturing industry in Florida. She then decided to semi retire in Las Vegas, after falling in love with the beauty of the desert and the wide open spaces of the western United States. So, she sold the manufacturing company and opened Adventure Photo Tours, a little sightseeing tour company to take people to the local state and national parks. Wouldn't you know, 30 vehicles and 65 employees later she had completely failed at semi retirement and had another thriving business on her hands, which included SUV class Limousines!

KISS was on another  tour and Vegas was one of the upcoming stops. Donna purchased tickets and entered a drawing for a semi private meet and greet and acoustic session prior to the show. She won! During the session she had the opportunity to talk to Gene and mentioned she'd like to build a couple of KISS Limos in Vegas. Gene liked the idea and the rest is history. The cars are built, the fans love them and Donna is having a ball participating as a vendor/partner in the KISS family. Don't you love America!

KISS Limo's?

How Did  that  Happen?