New Hampshire Is the Fastest Growing State For Online Betting

New Hampshire Is the Fastest Growing State
For Online Betting
While New Jersey has enjoyed massive growth, New Mexico is a far cry from the other New
England states, which are struggling to break even online live casino Singapore. Despite its small market, New Hampshire
has done surprisingly well. New Mexico is the first state to offer single-event wagering, and New
Hampshire has done quite well for itself. In fact, New Hampshire has been the second-fastest
growing state for online betting overall. And even despite its small size, New Hampshire has a
burgeoning sports betting industry.

New Hampshire sports betting handle reaches $78.8m in March
New Jersey is the second-most lucrative sports betting
Sports books in New Jersey are on their way to surpassing Nevada in total betting volume by
2020. The state was one of the early adopters of legal sports betting, with racetracks opening
betting windows just days after signing the regulations. Mobile sports betting apps also followed
shortly thereafter. While Nevada is a pioneer of legal sports betting, it has suffered from a recent
flurry of controversy. Nonetheless, there are many reasons why New Jersey is poised to
become the second-most profitable sports betting state.
New Hampshire has done decently despite its limited
While the market is still small, sports betting in New Hampshire is expected to grow more rapidly
over the next few years. The state lottery has awarded five licenses to sites to operate in the
state. New Hampshire is the fourth-most populous state, but it is also one of the least populated.
The state is not a hotbed for online gambling, and several bills have been shot down in recent

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New Mexico is the first state to offer single-event wagering
With the repeal of the US Supreme Court’s PASPA ruling, New Mexico has become the sixth
state to legalize sports betting. Although there was no state-regulated sports betting industry in
New Mexico, a tribal pact allowed the Santa Ana Star Casino and Hotel to offer sports betting.
As the first New Mexico sportsbook, Santa Ana’s sportsbook accepts wagers on various events
including football games, baseball, basketball, and horse racing.
New York is the second-most lucrative sports betting state
Mobile sports betting has increased revenues for New York State. During the first 30 days after
allowing mobile betting, the state collected over $70 million in taxes. That is more than any other
state that has legalized sports betting. New York has also experienced a boom in the number of
online sports betting players. The state has a $51% tax rate on gross gaming revenue, which
includes betting handle and payouts.

Nevada is the second-most lucrative sports betting state
With an additional Sunday this month, and no professional football or basketball games, football
bettors in Nevada spent an estimated $501.5 million on the games. However, that figure does
not include parlays or other sports such as motorsports or MMA. In November, Nevada came in
second to New Jersey as the second-most lucrative state for sports betting. However, New
Jersey has edged Nevada out in every month of 2020, including November.

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