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KISS Kruise Nov 2015

The Kruise is the  best thing you can ever treat yourself to. Four days of hanging with 2500 of the coolest KISS fans from all over the world on one luxury cruise ship. KISS does three shows, two in the main showroom and one open air at the pool. Open air is good, because it's in the Caribbean! Sun, blue ocean and Rock Stars, what a life. Great food, amazing restaurants, 5 other great bands playing constantly. It never ends! Not to mention the kick ass pre Party on shore. This year Sin City KISS from Vegas is the main act. Of course you gotta warm up a bit before getting on the ship. This year may be the last year for the Kruise (I hope not) so you gotta-gotta go!

KISS Residency Nov/2014

Oh boy! If you weren't here for the KISS 9 show Residency at the Hard Rock Hotel, did you miss a show. The band was incredible, the show was incredible and "The Joint" is a great venue for a show of this size. The KISS Limos were working the show, all nine shows were sold out and I hope the band does it again next year.  What a 3 week party!!

Rocking at the Hard Rock Cafe' KISS Limo launch.

Yeah Baby, we're having fun in Vegas!
The roll out of the two new KISS "Signature Limos" has been a little behind schedule, but we wanted everything to be perfect for our KISS and rock fans.  We had a soft launch in December at the Hard Rock Café which was a blast.  Our favorite KISS tribute band, Sin City KISS, was playing and hanging with the fans.  It was pure fun!
For those unfamiliar with Vegas, just behind the original Hard Rock Café on Paradise Road is the Hard Rock Hotel.  Across the street is KISS Monster Mini Golf (KMMG) which is very cool.  KMMG is an amazing museum of KISS collectables, as well as their KISS merchandise store, VIP room, and the "Hotter than Hell" Wedding Chapel.
The KISS limos are done, the web site is done, so it's time to "Rock and Roll All Night and Party Every Day!"
Let's go to Vegas!